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Weight loss: New treatment makes you lose measurements instantly

Artcile by Laine Furtado

Whoever has resorted to a “mraculous” massage to get rid of swelling, cellulite and localized fat or used a measurement-reducing gel expecting wonders, but has never achieved the expected result, knows what we mean.

Many times, not even infinite sets of squats and spinning classes solve the orange peel effect that cellulite brings to our body.

Named 3 in 1 Method, the new treatment with several cases of results by the aesthe­tician Giovana Prado, promises to revolu­tionize the world of beauty by acting on the instant loss of measurements.

Painless and non-invasive, the 3 in 1 Method by Giovana Prado has quick sessions, lasting about 1h30 – when I did it, I slept through most of the procedure. Different glide, pressure, pumping and rhythm, specific to the method developed by the professional. With more than 10 years of experience and with a multidisciplinary clinic in Deerfield Beach, Florida, the creator of the technique observed the power of manual movements of body massage and created a lymphatic drainage method that already delivers visible results in the first session.

The technique’s differential is in the way of executing the maneuvers, repeatedly and with firm pressure. Lymphatic drainage of the 3 in 1 Method, in addition to eliminating liquids, toxins and helping significantly with cellulite, also promotes body shaping. After the massage, the patient will be able to feel their different skin texture and a sense of well-being.


Body measurement reduction, swelling reduction, lymphatic system rehabilitation, firmness and contour.


  1. Women, men, elderly, athletes and sedentary people can do the 3 in 1 method; patients who are in the Post Op too – but it all depends on their Post Op Phase.
  2. The method is contraindicated for pregnant women and people with kidney problems.
  3. The number of sessions varies according to the needs and goals of each patient – for quick results, about 3 sessions per week, for 2 to 3 weeks, are recommended.
  4. Athletes in sports such as running, cycling, swimming and weight training who suffer from swollen muscles can use the 3 in 1 Method by Giovana Prado in pre and post-race or long training sessions. The feeling of lightness in the body is a great ally in improv­ing performance!

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