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Conscious business – practical tips to build one

A conscious business is responsi­bly positioned with social and sustainable issues in the market. Interesting, right? This article will also explain how to build a conscious business and what impacts it can generate for your brand. Keep reading!


Bringing consciousness to a business is im­portant because then the entrepreneur starts to see how his business impacts the world. In this way, your business is socially committed and reduces negative impacts.

Whether it’s a restaurant that cares about waste disposal or a clothing brand that critically analyzes its supply chain, there are several ways to make a conscious business.

Sometimes it is not always possible to adopt all certain conscious attitudes. However, you can gradually insert this culture into your business and make the world a little better place to live.


It is important to point out that a business that takes initiatives to improve its sustain­able environment is very well seen in the market. Therefore, it’s essential to create your brand’s narrative.

In addition, you may be able to attract more loyal customers who will see the business’s awareness as a differentiator from your com­petitors. This can be seen as a good strategy to follow.

However, you must be careful. By saying that, it does not mean that you need to consider bringing consciousness to your business and be socially responsible just for the profit. Remember: this is just a consequence.

With that in mind, you should build your brand’s social responsibility by thinking first about how to impact others positively.


Now that you’ve understood a lot about conscious business, it’s time to put it into practice.

Priscilla Rosenberg is the founder of Studio Mystified, a brand consulting for conscious entrepreneurs. In an interview for Fashin­novation, she shared some tips to start your conscious business.

For her, conscious brands are powerful brands. And she states that “with the urgency of the climate imbalance we live today, there is a growing awareness about how vital it is to do business according to Oskar Metsa­vaht’s concept ASAP – as sustainably as possible as soon as possible.”

Please take a look below at her tips for build­ing a conscious business.


To build a powerful brand that customers create a real connection with, it is essential that every touchpoint between your cus­tomer and your business consistently gives off the right energy – or send the right mes­sage – that will attract your tribe to you. It is important to get in tune with your energy & design your highest brand.

The entrepreneur’s energy reflects on the energy of the business and brand. So the first step toward a successful conscious business is to work on your own personal growth. In addition, start noticing how the way you feel and think influences your business.


Committing to the constant improvement of mindset and energy is a common denomina­tor among successful entrepreneurs and elite athletes – which is clearly illustrated by observing an elite athlete right before an important match/event.

You will never see them feeling down, com­plaining and carrying themselves poorly. Usu­ally, they have great posture and are either super focused on a meditative state or have earphones on and are playing their favorite music to get themselves in a high vibrational state, where they feel excited and ready for what’s to come.

To keep a positive and open mindset and keep your energy high, the most important first step is to take the time to turn inwards. You can learn to get to know how high or low your energy is in a given moment by noticing your feelings and thoughts.

What are you thinking right now?

How are you feeling? – also, notice your feel­ings and thoughts are always in sync –

Commit to this mindful daily practice. It can be just 10 minutes a day, and eventually, that should evolve into a meditation practice. An­other important part of the energy equation is to give your body the daily movement that it needs to function optimally.

Daily mindfulness and movement will build a solid foundation for personal growth. The more you get in tune with yourself, the easier it will be for you to have clarity on how to lead your business.


Your brand is your most valuable business asset. It has an enormous impact on whether or not people choose your business and is consistently chosen by customers is a requirement for a thriving business. Your highest brand is a brand that aligns with your personal purpose and connects with the right people.

When designing your highest brand, there are three main areas that you need to dive deep into: the tribe, the context and the com­pany. In the intersection of all of them sits the best positioning for your brand.


TRIBE – Your tribe is your most loyal cus­tomer, the one that the energy of your brand really resonates with. They love you, they get excited about what you offer and they want to share your work with the world.

CONTEXT – The context is the space in which you operate.

COMPANY – When thinking of your company focus on what is most authentic to you and your potential.

Doing in-depth research on these three areas and defining the positioning that could be the intersection of all of them should give you a good sense of direction going forward.

Júlia Dara is Content Producer at Fashinnova­tion. FASHINNOVATION, under the coordi­nation of Marcelo and Jordana Guimaraes, is global platform that bridges the gap between the fashion industry and intersect­ing industries, through our four main pillars: entrepreneurship, sustainability, technology & innovation, diversity & inclusion.



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