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The Brazilian writter J.D. Netto and his new book The Broken Miracle


Based in Nashville, TN, Paul Cardall is the inspiration behind J.D. Netto’s latest book, The Broken Miracle – Part One. He is an American Pianist known for his original piano compositions. As of right now, Cardall’s albums have topped 8 No 1 Billboard charts.

Born in a small town in Brazil, J.D. Netto relocated with his family to the United States when he was eleven years old. At an early age, J.D. discovered his passion for fantasy stories and alternate universes. His first book series, The Whispers of the Fallen, has captivated readers around the world, becoming a prominent voice in young adult fantasy. The series spawned four books, with releases hap­pening at BookCon in New York City and Books and Books in Miami. The second installment, The Whispers of the Fallen: Rebellion, was one of the bestselling titles at BookCon 2014.

Here in the Shadows, a song inspired by the series was written in collaboration with Dave Eggar (Evanescence, Phillip Phillips), Chuck Palmer (Amy Lee, Foreigner), and Dina Fanai (Tran Siberian Orchestra).

J.D. Netto is the founder of the Saved by the Page movement. The project gained such momen­tum, it became a published anthology featuring stories written by readers on how books saved their lives. The project led J.D. to partner with studios adapting books to the big screen. Love, Simon and The Hate U Give were amongst the featured titles.


One of his books, Henderbell: The Shadow of Saint Nicholas, was an Amazon bestseller. The book’s limited edition copies sold out within a few weeks after its announcement. He’s also the author of the upcoming The Broken Miracle duology. The novels were inspired by the life of internationally acclaimed pianist, Paul Cardall, and his struggles of living with half a functioning heart.

J.D. Netto has been a guest at various events including New York Comic Con, BEA, Miami SuperCon, and BookCon. He’s also been inter­viewed by Brazil’s largest TV network, Globo TV.

He is the artist behind all his covers, maps, and character concepts. J.D. worked with HarperCol­lins in 2018 to create the cover for the New York Times bestselling title, Zenith: The Androma Saga.


His new book, The Broken Miracle, was release on Frebuary 2021. The book has a great history and JD Netto certainly has a way with words and it shows. This story is about a man named Paul Cardall and his broken heart. No. Not that broken heart where you face heartbreak. But the one where you’re born with HALF a heart. He [Cardall] uses his faith and music to help him deal with Sawyer (broken heart).

“I belonged to an exclusive club with only one membership requirement—be born with half a functioning heart.”

We take many things for granted—but having a heart isn’t one of them. Paul Cardall is an internationally acclaimed pianist whose career has been an inspiration to millions. But before the awards and success, he was just a little boy with half a functioning heart.

Numerous surgeries and many decades later, Paul is building a successful career despite the limitations his condition have infringed upon him. Now a husband and father, it seems that Paul has everything he could have ever hoped for…until his heart begins to fail.

As time passes, the pressure of his waning health and the seemingly endless wait for a new heart test not only Paul’s faith, but his marriage and relationships as well. He begins to wonder if luck will ever be on his side or if it’s time he let the curtains fall in what could be the final act of his life.

Though characters and places were fictionalized for storytelling purposes, the main events in the duology are real. Drawn from private notes and journals made available to the author, The Broken Miracle is a riveting story that will take the reader on an unforgettable journey.

His books are sold on Amazon, Bookcon, Barnes & Nobles and on his website


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