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Brazil Subaquatic Art

Texto de Laine Furtado
Translation de Suzanne Thorson

September is independence month in Brazil. To commemo­rate, many events are generally held in Florida. However, this year, due to the pandemic, we will celebrate virtually. In this edition of Linha Aberta we are present­ing a very creative art display showcasing Brazil through subaquatic photography.

The idea came from Suzanne Thorson, creative director of Brazilian Beat. “I saw some pictures from Lucas Castro on Insta­gram and I was impressed by the beauty and charm of underwater photography. “Everything appears to float, in a ballet of faces and shapes that enchants the senses”, says Suzanne who got in touch with the photographer to create this unique project: Brazil Subaquatic Art.

The inspiration came from Brazilian wildlife and flora. I contacted our makeup artist, Mimi Fondeville, to research and de­sign sketches based on birds like the blue macaw, toucan and royal peacock. When the peacock’s tail is fanned, there is a small blue and phosphorescent “eye”, which gives the bird a rare and exotic beauty. Gradually, Suzanne and Mimi merged ideas and concepts, always based on Brazilian culture and folklore. Samba could not be excluded, so a dancer and a musician with Afro-Brazilian instruments were included: surdo drum, repinique, snare, tambourine and agogô bell.

Lucas Castro is an internationally awarded photographer (Notable Brazilian Awards & Fearless Photographer), from Belo Hori­zonte, Minas Gerais, who works in part­nership with Ramon Castro. For over 5 years, he has had an allure for the aquatic environment, breaking the conventions of contemporary photography, taking his work to a level that is being compared to a painting. Through a fragile experimenta­tion process, Lucas and Ramon construct elaborate scenes that exalt human nature through reflections on the surface of the water. However, shooting underwater is not that simple. In addition to professional equipment, models must be trained to react as naturally as possible in the pool. It is necessary to empty the lungs before diving so that the person is not releasing bubbles underwater and also open the eyes and smile faintly, as if there was no effort in the process.

In the production of the photos, Suzanne selected pieces from Brazilian Beat’s glamorous wardrobe: richly decorated headpieces, dresses embroidered with stones and elements characteristic of Brazilian culture.

Ms. Thorson serves as a cultural ambas­sador, bringing entertainment and cultural education to the United States, contribut­ing to its vast diversity. She is a member of the events committee of the Brazilian Business Group (BBG) and provides artistic and cultural advice to the Brazil In­ternational Foundation (BIF). As CEO and creative director of Brazilian Beat, Suzanne conducts highly acclaimed shows, festivals and charitable events, including perfor­mances at the 2016 Rio Olympics, royal palaces of Monaco and Morocco and last February, a fundraiser for Florida Atlantic University – College of Arts and Letters.

We hope that this exposition provides a moment of relief and inspiration during this unusual moment of our lives. May art with its liberating power and the healing qualities of water take us to a better state of mind.

Photos: Lucas Castro & Ramon Castro

@castro_4u @artrawman

Art Production: Suzanne Thorson


Makeup: Mimi Fondeville


Models: Amanda Thorson, Ingrid Imroth, Roberta Neves, Andreas Leopoldino & Edu Parras.

Special thanks: Kelly Araújo, for providing the venue for the photo shoot.


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