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The Secret Notebook of Candido Portinari

The Notebook of Candido Portinari, from May 16 th to 18th, in Miami, with a wide range of workshops, art, fashion, and book signing, showing the special project that brings togeth­er Candido Portinari’s world through fashion designer Ronaldo Fraga’s collection. The event include a fashion show, talks and experience inspired by Portinari’s Guerra and Paz artwork. Also, a installation of the Candido’s notebooks and many more attractions.


A prolific artist, Portinari painted anything from small sketches to monumental creations, more than 5,000 works in all. An influential practitioner of neorealism in Latin America, he demonstrated a strong predisposition to combine pictorial talent with social representation, being inspired by the European Modern avant-garde as well as by Mexican muralists. Portinari also demonstrated a strong political consciousness, which was materialized by the representation of a large array of Brazilian realities: from the natural beauties of the country as in “Flora e Fauna Brasileira” (1934) to the harsh and impoverished lives of the country’s most marginalized populations located in the countryside or even in the favelas (agricultural farmers, families of migrants, washer­women, among other types). In his paintings, such characters are portrayed sometimes playing games and having fun and at other times in the worst and hardest social conditions, in pain or even death.


In 1979, the Portinari Project was born. Founded by Portinari’s son, João Candido, the institution initially dedicated to reviving the life and work of

Candido Portinari and the era in which he lived, the Project also allows the artist’s work to serve the greater goad of finding Brazil cultural identity. In addition, it contributes to a wide- ranging social-cultural efforts that enhances understanding about Brazil’s cultural and historical development. It also reaches out directly to children and young people, applying the social and human values seen in Portinari’s art to encourage reflection about what is happening in Brazil and the world.


The Ronaldo Fraga label announced its’ arrival in 1996, with the creations that stepped onto the catwalk at São Paulo’s Phytoervas Fashion in the “I love chicken hearts” collection. Having picked up the “Best Newcomer” award, his regular appear­ances at Phytoervas Fashion eventually opened the door to Sao Paulo Fashion Week, the biggest fashion event in South America. His collection was nominated for the Abit Prize in the best womens­wear category of 2002. Fraga is now considered one of the most important names in the history of fashion in Brazil. He stays true to himself instead of being a slave to trends. He appreciates comfort and subtle sensuality instead of more obvious and clichéd eroticism. And above all, he has a unique way of telling moving and unusual stories through each collection.


Art and fashion are two fields of ongoing innova­tion and creative expression. Audience will be able to listen to stories about unpublished stories about the artist and facts about the creative process of fashion collection “The Secret Notebook of Can­dido Portinari” by Ronaldo Fraga inspired by the painter’s works.


With 42 years of career, Ana Botafogo was the first ballet dancer of the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro. She also joined the Ballet de Marseille in France and represented Brazil at the Ibero Americana Gala in La Danza, Spain. Throughout her career, she received several awards, such by the Ministry of Culture of France, Order of Cultural Merit, by the Brazilian Ministry of Culture and others. Ana Botafogo will perform a short version of “Guerra & Paz” a dance piece inspired on a notable Brazilian artist Candido Portinari. THE EDUCATION COMPONENT The55Project provides students and teachers interactive learning opportunities thru Ronaldo Fraga’s The Secret Notebook of Candido Portinari project. Through Art Talk & Walk program, students engage in critical thinking and explore the stories about the artist and facts about his creative process of fashion collection.


Connect people through art, social programs and education. We truly believe that empowering, edu­cating and uniting people changes lives. The55pro­ject inspired people to do their best for others and this was demonstrated through 12 events, during the Season 1 – November 2017 and May 2018. During Season 2, Brazilian Artists, Social Projects founders, Cultural Leaders and Educators will work together to create Art Shows, Special Events, Live Paintings, Mural Paintings, Residencies, Talks, and Seminars. Information aboutr the event at


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