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No immigration in GOP’s June plans

The White House held off any action on deportations because it wants to give House Republicans time to act on immigration reform.

That’s not going to happen – at least in the month of June.

In a memo dated Friday, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) released legislative priorities for the GOP-led House in June. It includes items such as tax extenders, legislation aimed at improving jobs skills and government funding bills, but no immigration reform.

“As we return for our summer stretch into the swampy heat of Washington, D.C., we will continue to work on our agenda to ensure that every American has the opportunity to pursue happiness by building an America that Works,” Cantor wrote in the document.

Advocates of immigration reform both on and off the Hill have looked at this summer as the final chance for a legislative overhaul this year. Though some House Republicans are quietly working behind the scenes toward that goal, immigration reform still faces a steep uphill battle in Congress.

Cantor outlined several legislative priorities for June, including three appropriations bills (transportation, housing and urban development agencies, agriculture and defense), a handful of tax extender bills, and the SKILLS Act, which is focused on bolstering job training skills for workers.

House Republicans will also move on bills aimed at combating high gas prices – in time for the summer traveling season. And on health care, Cantor said lawmakers will be discussing policy options for an Obamacare replacement “in the weeks ahead in anticipation of additional floor action.”

And House lawmakers also plan to take up legislation to keep the Highway Trust Fund solvent, which needs to be done before the August recess, Cantor said.


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