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Immigration Reform Promised By Obama in 2nd Term

While at the Summit of the Americas, President Barrack Obama made his most specific promise yet to Hispanics in the U.S. The president said on Saturday in Cartagena, Colombia that he would wrestle with the immigration policy during the first year of 2nd term as president. However, Obama cautioned that it would be up to Congress to agree if he is to succeed.

“The subject of immigration policy is something I care very deeply about,” he told Spanish language channel Univision. “It is something personal for me.”

During his television interview, Obama said he would work on getting things ready this year, but getting support from the Republicans in Congress would be almost impossible. Obama also made comments that painted Mitt Romney, his Republican presidential opponent, as being an extremist when it came to immigration. He said Romney supports legislation that could potentially make it legal to stop people and ask them for prove of citizenship based on the idea they were illegal.

Obama said either Congress needs to be changed or Republicans must agree with our ideas. Romney aides said the former governor of Massachusetts is in favor of laws that require employers to have the legal status of potential workers verified before they can be employed.

Andrea Saul, a spokeswoman for Romney said, “President Obama does not speak about immigration policy reform unless he is seeking support from voters.” She added, “When he was a candidate in 2008, he promised to tackle immigration during his first year in office, that was three years ago and the people of America are still waiting to see his reform plan.”


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