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Tropical disturbance near Windwards bears watching

While we’ve been focused on what is now Tropical Depression Igor, there’s another system considerably closer to home that bears watching – the  tropical disturbance near the Windward Islands.

For now, the National Hurricane Center gives it a 40 percent chance of developing into a depression or storm over the next two days.

But it is expected to move into a more favorable environment and several models now aim the thing distinctly northwest.

If that guidance is right, the system could pose a threat to Hispaniola, Cuba and Puerto Rico. Beyond that, it could approach Florida or slip into the Gulf of Mexico. Or, it could point toward Central America or Mexico’s Yucatan.

Jeff Masters of Weather Underground went so far as to call the disturbance “dangerous,” based primarily on its location.

In any case, because it’s not all that far away, again, something to watch. The next named storm, by the way, will be Julia.


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