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Google celebrates 12th birthday today

Google is officially celebrating its 12th birthday today with a special cake.

You’ll note the cool, pastel-colored cake icon created by pop artist Wayne Thiebaud above the search bar on Google’s main page. That’s the clue Google wants everyone to consider Sept. 27, 1998 its date of birth. Google was incorporated on Sept. 4, 1998, hired its first employee on Sept. 21 of that year, and in past years has celebrated the company’s birth on Sept. 7. But Sept. 27 has been Google’s most popular birthday day and so it goes this year.

OK, enough of the henpecking. Google wants to party today, so today it is.

Twelve years is a long, long time in the online world but Google is staying fit and agile, considering this year the Mountain View, California-based company has already launched a faster web indexing system called Caffeine and speedier search feature dubbed Google Instant.


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