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Caribbean disturbance getting organized

A broad area of low pressure in the northwest Caribbean is slowly getting organized as it drifts generally northward.

As of 8 a.m. on Monday, the National Hurricane Center gave it a 30 percent chance of developing into a depression or storm over the next two days.

Although it’s too early to say where will go, Florida is a potential target by the end of the week.

So it’s one to keep an eye on.

Whether it develops or not, because of moisture streaming up from the Caribbean, South Florida likely will see heavy rain this week, notably on Tuesday and Wednesday, the National Weather Service said.

The hurricane center also is monitoring another area of low pressure in the Atlantic about 725 miles southwest of the Cape Verde Islands, giving it a low chance of developing.

The hurricane center issued its last advisories on former Hurricane Lisa and former Tropical Storm Matthew on Sunday.


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