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Simonetta Lein – The Top 100 Fashion Influencer In The World

Simoneta Lein is regularly featured in a number of top press publications such as Elle, Harpers Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Forbes, and many more. Her work and collabo­rations have caught the keen eye of many leading journalists and publications across the globe. She is a named fashion icon, writer, millennial activist, consid­ered one of the top 100 influencers in the world. She is the founder of The Wishwall Foundation. She advocates for women in her blog Empowering Style by The Wishmaker, ( and has contrib­uted to several shows at NYFW and at Madi­son Square Garden for Style Fashion Week and is the leading star for the show The Wishwall. Her fans call her The Wishmaker. In this interview, she shares her vision for life, talks about her job as influencer and her conection to the Brazilian community.

LINHA ABERTA: How you decided to be an influ­encer?

SIMONETTA LEIN: After working as an actress, model, radio speaker and writer at a national level I have quickly understood the power of social media to veicolate all of my content. I am a Millennial so social media is native to my generation. I am also an old soul, I wanted to combine good genuine hard work with the easy channel of social media. I soon discovered that it was a powerful mix. People are attracted to good work, good messages, good quality but they want them fast and with a click. There is when I understood I had an influence over people’s opinions and I wanted to do it right. Being an influencer means you can inspire people, that is my main goal.

LINHA ABERTA: Top 100 Fashion Influencer in the World? How cool. How that happened?

SIMONETTA LEIN: My work was consistent, millions of millennials and women were constantly engaged with me. Magazines and media started to notice it. Blasting News UK was the first one declaring me as one of the 100 top in the world. Then it came Fashion Week Online, Forbes, Elle, Cosmopolitan, and many more. I have been listed all over as recognized as a fashion icon daily by magazines and by my followers. This gives me a lot of personal inspiration in order to do bigger and better things. It is a responsibility to pass the right messages. I am happy people look up to me, I want to encourage them to think that if I achieved it they can do it too.

LINHA ABERTA: Tell about the history behind The Wishwall Foundation?

SIMONETA LEIN: When I moved to the US, I started to receive so many wishes on a blog I built while being an influencer for Vanity Fair Italy. There were so many that I needed to be established with a non for profit. The Wishwall Foundation was born at the end of 2015 with the intention to give voice to the voiceless and to make meaningful wishes come true. With a lot of work I was able to start granting those wishes that are impactful for communities and to really change things. We donated a smile to 180 indigenous children in the Philippines with The Smile Project, we gave medical equipment for a mobile clinic in Tampa Florida, we were able to support 100 girls in Nigeria with a literacy project. On June 6th 2019 The Simonetta Lein Literacy Award will be given to children in Nigeria. The award is after my name for the work I have done promoting education and helping a new generation of leaders. This makes me extremely proud.

LINHA ABERTA: How you got connected with Miriam Grunhaus, from Míkah Fashion?

SIMONETA LEIN: Through our common friend, Celebrity Bravo TV Stylist Ali Levine. Ali donated to The Wishwall Foundation with a charity auction. We decided to replicate it and Mikah Fashion generously donated $500 worth in pieces of her collections. We connected over her fashion line story and how the gold lines in her pieces represents a bridge for us women towards happiness over our scars. I am fascinated about the Japanese culture behind her clothing and knew it applied to pottery. I never thought about clothes with the same meaning and I find it genius. It represents what I stand for, a strong and confident woman who is not afraid to show her fragility but who knows that those scars make her stronger and better. Unique as our unique story. Golden.

LINHA ABERTA: How to break the ice and get no­ticed by the Big Media like Forbes, Elle and Baazar?

SIMONETTA LEIN: You have to have great content, your own angle, something different from the rest of the world. This can seem very hard but we all are different and that is what makes us special. Behind the success of someone or something there is the courage to tell a story. Once you are willing to tell your true story you will get noticed. Do not be afraid to be YOU.


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