The real ”Man of Steel” Is Coming

While all analogies ultimately break down, there are striking parallels between Superman and the Son of God. Here are ten:

* Both were only sons sent to Earth by their heavenly Father.
* Both had dual natures—divine and human.
* Both did not fit into society and were misunderstood by people.
* Both possessed tremendous, supernatural powers.
* Both had a strong moral code and an unselfish, heroic character.
* Both were raised with strong values by simple and upright parents.
* Both were strong, masculine men.
* Both had a sense of purpose and destiny that started around age 30.
* Both went through a period of training and maturity before they started.
* Both were saviors or messianic figures—symbols of hope for their peoples.

The True Messiah – more inspiring than Superman!

The real story of the true Messiah, properly understood, is more inspiring than Superman mythology any day of the week. The blockbuster movies as “Man of Steel,” conquered at the box office during the U.S. premiere with a $125 million gross in ticket sales.
For some people, Superman is way cooler than Jesus Christ. Superman wears a fancy cape and always appears to save the day, while Jesus seems to allow suffering and doesn’t always prevent the car accidents, tornadoes, floods, wars, and terrorist attacks so often in the news.

Mythology that obscures Christ
Christ’s true identity has been buried and hidden under several layers of myth and tradition. Some even go so far as to deny that He really existed, supposing that Jesus is just as much a fictional creation as Superman.
For the many who believe He really existed, He has often been stereotyped as a teacher of good moral truths, but one who was a long-haired, effeminate weakling. He was killed by the Jews and the Romans 2,000 years ago, and is still portrayed as hanging on a wooden cross, dead and helpless.

Eternal Origins of the True Messiah

God (the Father) and the Word—the One who later became the Son of God, Jesus Christ. For it became him, for whom are all things, and by whom are all things, in bringing many sons unto glory, to make the captain of their salvation perfect through sufferings.
Before this was put into action, one of the top three archangels, Lucifer, got wind of the plan for divine expansion and—filled with jealousy and envy—turned one third of all the angels, those under his charge, in rebellion against God.
He led a cosmic coup d’état in a vain attempt to seize control of the reigns of the universe. But, overpowered by Jesus Christ Himself, he was kicked out of heaven and thrown down to planet Earth, where he and his demons are presently carrying out their evil work of deception and destruction among human beings.
To destroy Satan’s work and rescue humanity, God sent the Word to Earth to be supernaturally conceived and born of a virgin as the baby Jesus, and raised by a faithful, upright couple, to be the Light for humanity and to announce the coming Kingdom of God. He would then have to resist evil, defeating Satan’s twisted way of life, to live a sinless life, and then suffer and die to pay for the sins of all mankind.

The price of salvation
Jesus Christ then ascended into the third heaven, at the right hand of God the Father, where He is presently awaiting His return to our planet—no longer as a suffering human Servant—but as the ever-triumphant, all-powerful divine Messiah who will vanquish His enemies, including Satan and his wicked demons, and establish the everlasting Kingdom of God. He will come back as the powerful “Superman” this world has been waiting for all along—the only One who can actually stop crime, nuclear war, terrorism, starvation, corruption, and all the evils in our society.

Your ticket – not to the movie – to the real event

God loves you and me. He cares about this planet and its inhabitants—every last one of them. On His first coming, He sent Jesus to save us from the penalty of sin, which is death. On His second coming, He will send Christ again to literally save us from ourselves. At that time, the world will be standing at the brink of nuclear annihilation and global catastrophe. Better than any Superman story, don’t you think? Because, unlike the comic books or the movies, this is the real story.

>> Reprint with permission from Vertical Thought Magazine, published by United Church of God.



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