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Can you find out whether your neighbor is paying association fees on time?

Would you like to know whether your neighbors in your community are paying maintenance fees or other association payments on time? Florida law says you have the right to find out.

Whether you are in a condo or homeowners community, as an owner you have the right to access official community records for inspection. Those records include ledgers, the financial statements that reflect payment histories of every owner. You can find out whether your neighbor is paying on time, has missed payments in the past or still owes money to the association.

You can also check whether your records are correctly reflecting your payment history.

On the other hand, the law disallows boards or associations from publishing this information publicly.

Various communities have different rules when it come to records inspections. Some demand a request in writing, some will require you to go outside the community property to visit an attorneys office or management company where the records are stored. Your best bet is to read your governing documents to find out which rules apply and to contact your board member to find out the best way to go about it.


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