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Biz groups want immigration reform blocked, Scott sez doesn’t go far enough

Even as business groups are asking lawmakers to back down from proposed immigration reforms, Gov. Rick Scott supports giving law enforcement officers the ability to ask for proof of status when they pull someone over.

The Senate immigration plan does not currently include that component – one of the most controversial features of the Arizona law officials there are now rethinking.

“First off, the federal government needs to secure our borders. Also we need to have a logical immigration policy that works. We need to make sure that there’s a process for people that want to come into our country to work for a short period of time to work that they can go home, that’s step one. We’ve got to work with the federal government to do that. Step two, if somebody’s in our country and doing something illegally, they should be asked if they’re legal or not if they’re stopped by law enforcement. So that’s where my big focus is,” Scott told reporters this morning.

Yesterday, Scott joined forces with some of the same business groups, including the Florida Chamber, who formed a new coalition backing the governor’s proposed pension reforms for state workers.


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